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Building a business is all about making decisions. Making the right decisions requires investigation, research, analysis and much thought. And then there is execution…

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Helping clients work through situations

I’ve had the privilege of helping clients work through situations ranging from financing and new market entry through to acquisition-led growth to divestment, restructuring and exit.

My engagement model varies from case-to-case

My engagement model varies from case-to-case and has included board roles, interim operational CxO roles and short-term advisory roles to support specific decision points.

I love to support smart people

I love to support smart people by providing an alternative viewpoint, a different perspective and thoughtful analysis. I back that up with analysis and with strategic and operational support.

Board roles

Years of experience

Investment/buy/sell transactions

Strategic advisory roles with major corporations

The Bitcoin Game

If you are thinking that the whole Bitcoin thing doesn’t make much sense, you are probably just not looking at it in the right way.

Should CEO roles be time-limited?

I’ve had a fair bit of experience when it comes to working with CEOs, changing CEOs and even being a CEO. Recently I stepped back from an “interim” CEO role that lasted longer than I’d originally intended and, although the transition has been relatively smooth, the process led me to reflect on the optimal tenure for a CEO.

Free online ‘dashboard’ for household bills

“Our company, Onedox, provides a single online”dashboard” for all consumers’ household bills. As well as giving people a better record of what they’re paying, the service also provides automatic notifications whenever a better deal is available, inviting them to switch providers. In short, we hope our start-up will save people time and money.”

Published in The Times

User-generated music reviews website

“I started my company about 18 months ago with the idea of creating an online review platform for music lovers. After researching the market by speaking with lots of gig goers and festival regulars I realised fans wanted to share their opinions of the music they love with other like-minded fans.”

Published in The Times

Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.

George Carlin

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